Project Timeline

  • AriArk Comic Book Project 8 Aug 2015
    I started a comic book project. It going to publish in 3 different languages.
  • 'Children in War' Exhibition 10 Sep 2015
    Start on March 27, 2015 Children in War International Cartoon Exhibition project. This project was cooperation with Syrian cartoonist Fadi Abou Hassan and Avistegnernes Hus, Supported by Fritt Ord. Exhibition opening was 10 September 2015.
    More news about this project here
  • Charlie Hebdo (Short Film) 27 May 2015
    Charlie Hebdo is an Animated cartoon film. Story based on France satire cartoon magazine Charlie Hebdo. Written, Drawing, and Directed by Arifur Rahman. It was submitted in several animation festival. Premiere was in In ICORN & PEN International yearly meeting in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Duration: 5 minutes.
    Release date: 27 May 2015
    Charlie Hebdo Trailer
  • বাংলা বিদ্যালয় - Bangla Bidyaloy 21 Feb 2015
    Bangla online school project. From here people will able to learn Bangla/Bengali language for free. This project currently under construction.
  • Tegnegruppe/Drawing Group Dec 2014
    Tegnegruppe (Drawing group) in Drøbak, Norway is a local group for people who are interested in developing drawing skills and want to draw with other creative people. It was my initiative, and my Norwegian friend Sofie Wollbraaten help me to start the group. Now we have about 15 members in this drawing group. Once in a week we draw together. Started on January 19 2015. You can have a look our activities here:
  • সাময়িকী - Samoyiki 20 Jan 2014
    সাময়িকী - Samoyiki is a Periodical online magazine in Bengali Language. Jurnalist and writers of the magazine from from Bangladesh and West Bengal India. Based on Bengali literature and news. I am the publisher of this periodical. Link:
  • The Dream (Short film) 1 Apr 2013
    The Dream is a short film, base on one of my old comic story from 2005. I make it as a film in 2013. It has been submitted and shown in several short film festival in Greece and several places in Norway.
    Duration: 12 minutes.
    Release date: April 1, 2013
    Here is Trailer of the Dream.
  • Radio 16 Jul 2011
    Started on July 16, 2011 as broadcasting over web. release on April 7, 2014 with English and Bangla music broadcast through Website, Android app, iPhone & tablet app, Google Chrome browser extension and Wordpress plugins.
    English link:
    Bangla link:
  • ROKE (Animated Short Film) 9 Dec 2010
    ROKE is a poor girl from a village. This story about her rights of education. Story and Drawing by Arifur Rahman. Animation by been submitted in several international short film festival, and animated festival. Duration: 30 minutes.
    Release date: 9 December 2010.
  • TRY (Animated Short Film) Jul 2010
    TRY was my one of animated short film project. Story, drawing and Directed by me, Technical support and animation by . This animation was received an award from animation festival, Bangladesh. Try has been submitted in several international short film festival, and animated festival.
    Duration: 5 minutes.
    Release date: July 2010
    You can watch online, link:
  • tOOns MaG 1 Nov 2009
    1 November 2009 Launched tOOns MaG online cartoon magazine. Currently tOOns MaG publishing in 5 different languages; English, Bengali, Arabic, Spanish and Hindi. More then 2000 cartoonist and writers are contributing in tOOns MaG.
    tOOns MaG received Best of Online Activism award in People's Choice for Bengali category in 2015 from Deutsche Welle, Germany.
    English Link:
    Bangla Link:
    Spanish Link:
    Arabic Link:
    Hindi Link: